April 15, 2004 01:41 PM

Just as all eyes in America are expected to tune into “The Apprentice” on Thursday night, in Britain they were set to be watching David Beckham’s former personal assistant, Rebecca Loos, being interviewed about her willingness to tell a court all about the British soccer captain’s “intimate parts” to prove she had an affair with him.

Beckham, 28, and his pop star wife Victoria — whom The Washington Post has described as being to the UK what Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were to the states — have disputed Loos’s claims that she had sex with the athlete when he was in Madrid.

The couple reportedly have hired lawyers after a Sunday newspaper printed allegations from a second woman — 29-year-old Sarah Marbeck — who also said she had an affair with Beckham.

But Loos, the 26-year-old daughter of a Dutch diplomat, insisted in a Sky One TV interview that she has the details to prove she was truthful. “There’s something I know about him, an intimate part of his body that I think only women who have been in bed with him would know,” she says. (The PEOPLE London bureau had obtained a transcript.) “So I think if they did want to take me to court, I could easily stand up and say, Well …”

Asked whether Beckham was circumcised, Loos replies: “I’m not going into that. I’m not talking about that. If I do ever need to talk about that, it’ll be in a court, not on TV.”

A spokesman for Sky One told Reuters: “We have received a legal letter from David Beckham regarding the interview. We cannot go into details. We are still on course. The program has not been suspended, though the content is still being finalized.”

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