Witnesses: Puffy Didn't Have Gun

Two witnesses, Hassan Mahamah and Robert C. Thompson, testified in the weapons possession and bribery trial of Sean “Puffy” Combs on Thursday that they saw Jamal Barrow, the prot g of the rap entrepreneur, holding a gun during a Dec. 1999 shooting in a Times Square nightclub that left three people injured. The two testimonies both place the weapon at the club that night within Combs’s party (which also included actress-singer Jennifer Lopez). Still, notes The New York Times, no one in the case so far has testified that Combs was holding a gun, as the prosecution had charged earlier this week when the trial opened in Manhattan’s State Supreme Court. Barrow, also known as “Shyne,” is a co-defendant of Combs’s in the case and is charged with attempted murder. During cross examination, reports PEOPLE, Combs’s attorney Benjamin Brafman asked Mahamah, a security guard, “You don’t have any connections with Mr. Combs do you?” Mahamah replied with a loud “No,” causing the courtroom to erupt in laughter. “Whatever you’ve seen in the movies about cross examination, this is not it,” Brafman went on to say, causing more laughter in the room, including some from Combs.

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