An unwelcome wisecrack sends Erin out the door on Thursday night's episode

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 25, 2005 08:45 AM

Donald Trump was not amused on Thursday night’s episode of The Apprentice.

“You’re a wise guy, you know that?” he said to Erin, of Net Worth. She unwisely answered him back. That was it. Replied Trump: “You know what? Erin, you’re fired.”

At the opening of the episode, Angie opined that she wasn’t surprised that Erin had survived last week’s boardroom session, conceding that Erin was smart, knew how to talk and, “It doesn’t hurt, that you know, every time you turn around you see her ass.”

Thursday’s challenge: To open and operate a do-it-yourself clinic at a Home Depot store, and then be judged on product involvement, customer involvement and originality.

From the jump, Erin was in trouble, doing nothing during the brainstorming session but whine that she knew nothing about Home Depot.

Her complaints didn’t end there, and continued into the boardroom, where she said Chris had a hot temper and required adult supervision. Chris denied this to Trump – though the Donald did admonish him about chewing tobacco, which Chris said he would give up. Trump also said he’d fire anyone for chewing gum.

But when Trump suggested that he didn’t think Angie should remain but would first have to check with his advisers, Erin shot back: “Do you have to?”

That’s what prompted the “wise guy” remark and made Trump fire Erin.