The ATL was snowed in under Winter Storm Leon

By Nate Jones
Updated January 28, 2014 05:45 PM
Credit: Ben Gray/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP

If you’re going by the controversial winter-storm naming conventions, Atlanta lucked out: Instead of an immortal hero or a two-faced god, the city is being snowed-in by a professional: Winter storm Leon has brought “Hotlanta” to a standstill.

Though the levels of precipitation involved – up to two inches – may look small to hardy snow survivors, the South’s lack of experience with storms of this magnitude has exacerbated its effect. Many drivers lack snow tires, leading to congestion and pileups on the region’s highways.

At one point on Tuesday, a Google map of traffic out of Atlanta showed heavy delays on every highway out of the city.

More than 3,000 flights in the region have been canceled due to the storm. Meanwhile, in Louisiana, governor Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency.

Temperatures throughout much of the South were expected to remain below freezing, with ice a major factor on roadways for the rest of the week.

Across the South, residents took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the rare storm:

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