Amorous, Snowed-In New Yorkers and Bostonians Seek 'Blizzard Buddies' on Craigslist

One New York man offered "potential igloo-making in a private garden and making out"

Photo: Seth Wenig/AP

Given the flurry of media coverage (sorry) surrounding Winter Storm Juno throughout Monday, residents of the northeastern U.S. had plenty of time to get prepared for the inclement weather.

And once everyone had stocked up on bread, milk and other liquid refreshment, their minds turned to other considerations.

Those in the New York metro area took to Craigslist in droves throughout Monday, posting personal ads requesting romantic “blizzard buddies,” sometimes in much less euphemistic terms.

“Seeking snuggle buddy for upcoming blizzard. Will make u pancakes and coffee and hot chocolate all day. You’ll also get my Netflix password,” wrote a 26-year-old man in New Jersey. Who could resist?

Another 26-year-old man, this one from Manhattan’s West Village, was plying potential paramours with “endless movies, cookies, whiskey and red wine, occasional work on a strictly as-needed basis, potential igloo-making in a private garden and making out.”

And what roundup of Craigslist ads would be complete without an semi-incomprehensible come-on? One Chelsea man posted a shirtless pic and added the line, “What’s up ladies.”

As the storm developed, it looked like New York would be spared the worst effects of the blizzard and that Boston was due to be hit much harder, causing dutiful Bostonians to prep for frigid conditions as well.

One 27-year-old Somerville man was dog-sitting for his brother and used the dog (American Eskimo) breed as a selling point, writing, “He’s very friendly and loves to snuggle.” The man noted he had plenty of Netflix, alcohol and food “and course, a king-size bed.”

A 45-year-old North Shore man waxed rhapsodic about his plans.

“I live on the ocean on the N. Shore and can’t wait to hear the surf start to build and crash later this evening – maybe even bundle-up and take a walk down to the beach to truly experience nature’s fury. And then warm up with a couple of nice hot-toddies back at the house and get ready for an evening of candle light, movies, yummy snacks, great wine and hopefully some snuggling.”

And last but not least, a 26-year-old man just wanted someone to Snapchat with and to maybe build an igloo. “I have a yard and snacks and a Netflix account and a 15Gb data plan. I’m very pretty and six feet tall you just have to be a human cuz I like every human.”

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