'Winner' Halle Berry Dazzles at Razzies

The Catwoman star proves she's a good sport by picking up her worst actress prize

The 25th annual Razzie awards, dis-honoring Hollywood’s worst achievements of last year, may not have been much of a show to stop, but Halle Berry stopped it anyway.

Once the envelope was opened and Berry was named the worst actress of the year (for the ill-conceived Catwoman), Razzies founder John Wilson announced to the crowd inside Hollywood’s Ivar Theater: “Ladies and gentleman, Halle Berry.”

At first, like everything else during Saturday night’s ceremony, it seemed like a joke – until the gorgeous star walked out on the stage, eliciting loud gasps, even louder applause and bringing an entire audience to its collective feet as it started cheering.

Clutching her Oscar in one hand and her brand new Golden Raspberry award in the other, the star stood at the podium and sobbed – just as she did two years ago when she won Best Actress for Monster’s Ball.

“You guys,” she said, as if overcome with emotion, “thank you so much. I never in my life thought I would be up here. It’s not like I ever aspired to be here.” She then held up her Oscar. “And no,” she insisted, “I don’t have to give this back. It has my name on it.”

Maintaining her straight face, and outfitted in a dazzling long, brown silk gown (similar yet less grand than what she wore on her big Oscar night), Berry went on to say: “I have so many people to thank, because you don’t win a Razzie without a lot of help from others.”

Among those she acknowledged: “Warner Bros., for putting me in a godawful piece of s— movie.” She also brought her manager out on stage. “Next time,” she advised him, “read the script.”

In addition to the film’s writers and the French director she said she couldn’t understand, Berry also thanked “the cast, (because) in order to give a really rotten performance like I did, you have to have a lot of terrible actors around you.”

Turning serious, Berry said she was there because, “When I was a kid, my mother told me that if you can’t be a good loser, you can’t be a good winner. If you can’t take the criticism, then you don’t deserve the praise.” She recalled as a young woman losing a beauty pageant to a gorgeous buxom blonde, but how her mother’s words rang in her ear.

“But all I wanted to do,” confessed Berry, “was f—— beat the s— out of her.” She also said she would take “winning” a Razzie “as a lesson learned, and hope to God I never have to see these people again.”

All told, Catwoman got clawed with four Razzies, for Berry, for worst director (the Frenchman who goes by the single name of Pitof), for worst screenplay and as worst picture of the year.

That tied it with the four awarded Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, which took Razzies for worst supporting actor Donald Rumsfeld, supporting actress Britney Spears, worst actor George W. Bush and worst screen couple – the president and his goat.

Keeping its political bent, the Razzies, which are voted upon by dues-paying members of the Golden Raspberry Foundation, named Arnold Schwarzenegger its biggest “loser” of the past 25 years, for having so many nominations yet never winning an award. Until now, of course.

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