The wrestling star wants you to send him your best promo videos
Credit: Source Instagram

Everyone has that friend: a fun-loving guy (or girl) who is so unpredictable that you have no idea what they’re going to do next.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is that guy for all of us on social media.

One day, he’s showing off his amazing dance moves. Another day, he’s rocking a fanny pack while getting arrested.

Now, The Rock wants to inspire the same streak of crazy in you. He has unleashed a contest in which fans and comedians can create their own wrestling promo videos.

From now until July 13, contestants can upload videos on Rock’s website, (The full rules can also be found there.) The most creative videos will be entered into a tournament-style bracket. The judges, which include Johnson and other wrestling legends, will vote for the best ones.

After four rounds of voting, only two videos will remain. Those contestants will be flown to meet The Rock – and will perform a live promo in front of him. (Okay, that last part sounds really intimidating.)

The winner will get a belt with $2,000 and bragging rights until the end of time.

“You ain’t ready for this level of fun,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. “It’s your turn to deliver the greatest wrestling promo of all time. Take that em

“Take that epic tongue lashing you ve been practicing in front of your bathroom mirror, record it, then send it to me at,” he continues. “You have the once in a lifetime opportunity to be featured on our new YouTube channel and judged by some of of the greatest wrestling legends of all time, including myself. Now dust off the mic and get to it you candy-ass jabroni!”

Challenge accepted, Mr. Johnson.