The Breakout Star of Wimbledon: 5 Things to Know About Nick Kyrgios

What you need to know about tennis star Nick Kyrgios

Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty

Talk about a Wimbledon shocker! Tennis player Nick Kyrgios became a household name after he beat Rafael Nadal Tuesday.

With the video of his winning shot going viral (see the between-the-legs shot below) and a huge surge in media attention, it’s no wonder the 19-year-old Australian’s confidence is through the roof. After his win, he even retweeted an image of himself with the words “future of tennis” posted across it. That being said, he has the skill to match.

Here are five things you need to know about the teen being called “the Justin Bieber of tennis”:

1. He’s the first teen to beat a No. 1 since Nadal

Before his big win, Kyrgios was only ranked 144 in the world, making him the first player outside of the Top 100 to beat a No. 1 since 1992.

2. He could have been a basketball star

Before deciding to solely focus on tennis at the age of 14, Kyrgios represented both the Australian Capital Territory and Australia. Despite no longer pursing a career in basketball, he still plays for fun, and is a die-hard fan of the Boston Celtics, The Telegraph reports.

3. Like all teenage boys, he loves to eat

“So looking forward to this chicken souvla, I’m going to inhale so much food. Next to basketball & tennis, eating food is my favorite pastime,” he Tweeted.

4. He’s a gamer

When he isn’t training (or eating!), Kyrgios loves to play Call of Duty and other video games on his Xbox, he wrote on his website.

5. He’s determined

“He used to be pretty overweight when he was a kid and had really bad asthma,” his brother Christos told The Guardian. That being said, Kyrgios never gave up. “We would run up the mountain and I could hear him struggling, would hear his breathing getting really heavy and I would ask him if he wanted to stop. He never did.”

And, after losing to Milos Raonic Wednesday, he’ll get some needed rest, telling reporters: “It’s been a special week for me. At the same time, it’s been so exhausting. I got nothing left to give.”

Watch Kyrgios’s Amazing Shot

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