"I played enough," the actor says, "Now it's time to work"

With exes like Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore, no wonder Wilmer Valderrama has a reputation as a Hollywood heart breaker

But playtime is over, says the actor. The former star of That ’70s Show told the Associated Press he’s focused on his career these days.

“You want the media to focus on what you are creating,” he said at the G-Star fashion show in Manhattan on Tuesday night. “For me I had to go back to the drawing board to reformulate my priorities. I played enough, and decided, ‘OK, now it’s time to work.’ “

His top priority? Developing new television projects and working on his clothing line, Calavena.

But Valderrama, 28, said he’s always happy to run into one of his sexy exes. “If you loved the person once, you should be happy to see them again,” he explained.

That’s just as well, since avoiding those famous ladies would be practically impossible – just turn on the TV or walk past a newsstand. As Valderrama noted, “I don’t need to Google my exes’ names to find out what they’re up to.”