June 01, 1998 12:00 AM

The principal of Scotland’s University of St. Andrews, where Prince William, 18, is to begin studying this fall, has warned his students in an interview in the school paper that they are not to leak stories about the monarch to the press — under threat of expulsion. Dr. Brian Lang especially warned against selling information for profit, and said that this same rule is to be applied to the university faculty and staff. “The university is an open community of students and staff,” Lang, who arrived in his job only three weeks ago, tells the student paper, which is called the Saint. “They rely on each other and have a responsibility to each other, (and) I would take a very dim view of an inappropriate nature about any member of the university being passed on.” Lang stresses that “the implications of taking care of every member of the university, with Prince William’s arrival, will take on a very new meaning.” The comments have caused some grumbling among students, according to the Saint. And beyond campus, too: London’s Daily Telegraph reports that Dundee University law professor Ian Willock considers Lang’s remarks to be an attack on free speech and that for a student to be punished for speaking to the press could also raise questions about basic human rights. Meanwhile, it is also being reported that the University of St. Andrews, where William is expected to major in art history, has been flooded with applications, with more than 9,200 wannabe students applying for the 1,250 spots available. That’s an increase of 44.4% over normal and is being reluctantly referred to by the admissions office as “the William factor.”

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