Wills On a Roll

That Prince William has been a busy boy. Wednesday he passed his driving test — on the first try. He was so excited that when he popped out of the test car he made a fist and punched the air. The 17-year-old Prince has also quietly visited two Scottish universities, one of which he may attend once he graduates from Eton. “If he chooses either Edinburgh or St. Andrews following his A-levels next year,” says the Daily Mail, “it would signal an intriguing break with royal tradition. While a move to complete his education in Scotland would delight the Queen and his grandfather — Prince Philip is Chancellor of Edinburgh — William has yet to decide which university will best suit him.” Wills also took a gander at Cambridge, alma mater to his dad.

  • In yet more news of the strapping young prince, William — at 6′ 1 1/2″ — is measuring up to become the tallest British ruler in history, He reportedly has already outgrown his 5′ 10″ father and has just overtaken the very gross (in all manner) Henry VIII. With a few more years left to grow, Wills could easily overtake the tallest-ever British monarch, Edward IV, who bumped the door jam at 6′ 3″. Wills’s brother Prince Harry, 14, is already 5′ 9″.
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