Prince William and Prince Harry rolled up their sleeves this week and helped push a car after it broke down on a London street — to the amazement of the driver and passenger. The brothers went to the aid of Metropolitan policeman Stephen James and his friend, computer salesman Simon Thompson, on Tuesday after their BMW broke down in Chelsea. The two friends had been trying to push the car themselves when the female driver of a green vehicle called out, “Do you want a hand?” whereupon the two princes jumped out of the back seat.

  • “I could not look them in the face because I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable,” Thompson, 28, told the Evening Standard. “But it is amazing when there are two princes pushing your car down the road.”
  • That was Tuesday. On Wednesday — the same day the Windsors helped the Queen Mum celebrate her 99th (see PASSAGES) — Wills and Harry jetted off to Athens with their father, Prince Charles. The trio reportedly were joined on the luxury yacht Alexander by Charles’s companion Camilla Parker Bowles for a cruise of the Aegean islands. The holiday is being seen as another step toward formalizing heir-to-the-throne Charles’s relationship with Camilla, the Daily Telegraph said.