Wills: A Memorable Birthday

As expected, Prince William gave his 18th birthday party at Windsor Castle a miss last night, so he could bone up for his history of art exam this morning. No word yet on how he fared on the test, but the party was a reported smash, as champagne flowed until dawn. Wills’s great-grandma, the Queen Mother, who’ll turn 100 in August, was serenaded with her favorite tune, “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square,” while younger party revelers — the guest list numbered 700 — got to hear a group belt out Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.” Wills’s dad, Prince Charles, showed up for the shindig in his convertible sports car and sporting polo clothes, which he quickly exchanged for black tie. His pal, Camilla Parker Bowles, was not invited. But Prince Andrew (Wills’s uncle) brought his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who was a no-show for the official dinner, says Reuters. She did make it in time for the dancing that followed.

  • Wills may not have made it to his own party, but he got one of his birthday wishes. His father gave him a motorcycle, reports the new issue of PEOPLE. The magazine also says that Prince William enjoys a very tight bond with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, whom he considers a role model, as well as with his notoriously hard-to-please grandfather, Prince Phillip. By contrast, William rarely sees his maternal grandmother, the reclusive Frances Shand Kydd.
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