Willis Misses GOP Tribute

Bruce Willis was a no-show at last night’s Republican National Convention, where he was scheduled to narrate a video tribute to the party’s surviving ex-Presidents, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. The reason was a “film-related” scheduling conflict, his rep told USA Today, and the star was replaced by New York Gov. George Pataki. Meanwhile, one of those saluted Presidents, Gerald Ford, 87, accompanied by his wife Betty, was taken to a Philadelphia hospital shortly after the tribute, reportedly for treatment of a sinus infection. He was released a few hours later, sporting an open shirt and waving to reporters as he announced, “I’m fine.” Finally, another actor besides Willis is causing talk in Philly. His name is Ralph Archbold, he’s 58, and he’s been appearing at 15 convention-related events, reports the Associated Press. It could be because since 1973 Archbold has specialized in playing one character and one character alone: Benjamin Franklin.

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