Shatner engaged in Twitter love-fest with fans after he said couldn't go to Nimoy's funeral

Credit: NBC/WENN

After welcoming fans to “tell him off” because he chose to honor a charity commitment instead of attending Leonard Nimoy’s funeral on Sunday, William Shatner ended up engaging fans in a love fest for their beloved Spock on Twitter.

Shatner encouraged his 2.1 million followers to ask him burning questions about his former Star Trek costar, after reminding them that it was physically impossible to attend both events. “Folks think flights to LAX occur all night long,” he Tweeted.

Besides wanting to know if Nimoy was anything like Spock in real life, fans queried Shatner about what Nimoy was like off-screen and what his final message would have been for Trekkies and beyond.

“Don’t smoke,” said Shatner.

Nimoy died after a long battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on Friday. He was 83.

Shatner saved his sweetest response for a fan who wanted to know if he had any regrets about his relationship with Nimoy.

“That it couldn’t have lasted a lot longer,” he replied.

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