The Will and Kate rumor mill is churning – find out what's fact and what's fiction

By Rennie Dyball Simon Perry
December 28, 2010 10:00 AM
Copyright 2010 Mario Testino

As excitement builds for the royal wedding, so do the rumors about the bride and groom. So, what’s fact and what’s fiction?

• Rumor: Due to Kate Middleton‘s equine allergy, the couple won’t have the traditional horse-drawn carriage ride on the big day.

Likely fiction. Palace aides have not confirmed how the couple will be ushered to and from their wedding site, Westminster Abbey. But a source suggests that horses, carriages and the usual finery will be included. “There will be a procession,” says the insider.

• Rumor: Kate’s getting advice from Camilla.

Not entirely fiction. Prince William‘s stepmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, may be among the members of the royal family helping the upcoming princess acclimate to her new life. “Catherine will be sitting down with senior members of the royal family and members of Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s household to learn the ropes and find out about engagements and visits,” a member of the palace staff tells PEOPLE.

And of course, she’s already got her number one advisor: her fiancé. “William’s a great teacher, so he’ll be up to help me,” she said in her first TV interview.

• Rumor: The couple must have marital counseling.

Fact. “Anyone who gets married in the Church of England will get marriage preparation from whoever is conducting the service,” says a press spokesman at the Church of England. “He will talk from vast experience of marrying other couples, and talk about commitment and life as a married couple, what it means to enter into marriage and the sanctity of it.”

There will also be a particular role in the counseling process for the Bishop of London, Dr. Richard Cartres, who is a friend of William’s father, Prince Charles. “He knows the princes well – and he has been involved in many aspects of Prince William’s life – so it wouldn’t be unusual for him to be involved in guiding them.”