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Of all people, Prince William is likely to be one of the last to see Kate Middleton in her wedding dress splendor!

That’s because on April 29 the groom-to-be and his best man and brother, Prince Harry, will be sequestered for some last-minute peace and quiet in a tiny chapel at Westminster Abbey until shortly before she arrives – without benefit of seeing the TV coverage of her journey from the Goring Hotel to Westminster Abbey.

As Kate makes the trip with her father Michael, nearly two billion TV watchers around the world – and hundreds of thousands of spectators along the route to the Abbey – will glimpse her through the large windows of her Rolls-Royce Phantom VI.

Then, around 11 a.m., as she steps out of the car at the West Door of the Abbey, palace aides will finally confirm the name of the designer of the most hotly anticipated dress of recent years.

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All TV screens inside the Abbey will then be switched to a general view of the solemn religious service to follow. As the princess bride walks down the 300-ft. aisle, the eyes of the world – and the 1,900 guests in the Abbey – will be upon her.

At the front of the Abbey, in an area called the Lantern, will stand William, 28, anticipating her reaching his side.

William’s arrival at the Abbey is scheduled for 45 minutes before 29-year-old Kate’s, and, aides say, he will likely spend several minutes “mingling with friends and relatives” before retiring to the Chapel of St. Edmund for 20 minutes of quiet reflection with his brother and members of the clergy

Despite endless speculation about who has made the dress, it is Kate’s desire that her husband-to-be not know the designer or the dress’s design before the big reveal on the big day.

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