“Shakespeare in Love” topped “Saving Private Ryan” in the Oscar race, 13 to 11, when the nominations for the 71st annual Academy Awards were announced early Tuesday morning in Beverly Hills. Other multi-nominated movies were “Life is Beautiful,” “The Thin Red Line” and “Elizabeth,” each with seven. While the Best Picture and Best Director nominees were fairly predictable (a list follows), there were some startling surprises when it came to whom Oscar overlooked in the acting categories. Jim Carrey, who practically gave an Oscar acceptance speech when he won the Best Drama Actor Golden Globe last month, was bypassed for “The Truman Show” (though his co-star Ed Harris got a supporting nod), as was Warren Beatty for “Bulworth” (but who was nominated for his screenplay). The fifth Best Actor slot was instead taken up by Edward Norton for “American History X.” In the Supporting Actor competition, the entire cast of “Saving Private Ryan” was ignored, as were Bill Murray in “Rushmore” (even after he was cited by the New York Film Critics Circle), Michael Caine in “Little Voice” and Danny DeVito in “Living Out Loud.” James Coburn (in “Affliction”) was the dark-horse candidate who popped up on that list. Also overlooked was longshot Cameron Diaz (for “There’s Something About Mary”), Susan Sarandon for “Stepmom” (even after she actively campaigned for the nomination) and Holly Hunter for “Living Out Loud.”

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