Will Smith's 'Legend' -ary Antics in Tokyo

He amuses the snap-happy crowd by posing with a reporter who fell asleep during his appearance

Video courtesy AP

Will Smith made a dramatic entrance to his Japanese promotional tour for I Am Legend, but went for laughs once inside.

After arriving in Tokyo by helicopter Smith told the Associated Press, “I heard no one had ever done that before. The Black Hawks are actually used in the film so I guess they were open to it. It was beautiful, it was quite an experience to see Tokyo from the air like that.”

During his press conference, one less-than-attentive reporter manages to doze off. Smith notices and insists on having pictures shot with him – in which he mimics the sleepy guy – much to the amusement of the rest of the press corps. I Am Legend is in theaters Dec. 14.
– Kristin Boehm

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