Will Smith would like a shot at remaking the often-remade romantic film “A Star Is Born,” about an up-and-coming actress’s romance with a has-been star, Newsweek reports. Smith’s favorite version is the 1954 movie with Judy Garland, who plays the star, and James Mason as the has-been (a 1976 version paired Barbra Streisand with Kris Kristofferson), but the 34-year-old actor would like to flip the roles and play the star himself. He already has a production deal with Sony Pictures — now all he needs is a green light, a script, a director and a leading lady to play his has-been love interest. For the latter, Smith would like to sign Jennifer Lopez to the role. “This is a project that might work if we can get our schedules together,” he told Newsweek. If the project gets the go-ahead, filming could begin early next year.