Days after denying rumors of infidelity, the couple celebrated son Trey's 21st birthday together

By Mark Gray
Updated November 11, 2013 12:30 PM
Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage

What drama?

The Smith family presented a united front on Sunday when Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith stepped out to celebrate the 21st birthday of Will’s oldest son, Trey, in Las Vegas.

The happy gathering comes days after photos surfaced of the Focus star exposing his chest with costar Margot Robbie in an on-set photo booth.

Jada, 42, laughed as her husband, 45, jokingly danced with party guests.

Surrounded by 55 people, including children Jaden, 15, and Willow, 13, the couple held hands all through dinner at Hakkasan.

“They didn’t leave each other’s side,” a source said. “They were even dancing at one point.”

Later, the party moved to Palazzo’s Lavo, where Trey guest deejayed the evening.

In the club’s restaurant, Will and Jada sat together to sing “Happy Birthday to You,” before making the rounds and chatting with other guests. The couple kissed as Will left Jada to go upstairs to watch his son’s set. Jada hung downstairs with their two younger children – as the nightclub doesn’t allow underage patrons to enter.

For 45 minutes, Will bobbed his head, his eyes firmly focused on his son. When Trey turned 21 at midnight, Will got into the deejay booth to celebrate and remained there the rest of the night, taking videos of the crowd with his phone and hanging out with deejay Vice.

Looking like a proud papa, Will finally left with Trey around 1 a.m., thanking staff members on the way out.