Hillary Clinton Talks Frankly About Bill, Becoming a Grandmother – and Another White House Run

Relaxed and at home, Hillary Clinton opens up about life as (finally!) a private citizen, the grand baby in her future and what she thinks about running for President in 2016

Photo: Stewart Shining

Hillary Clinton is ready to go to the White House.

But the question looms: Is now the right time? She checks her watch.

“It’s 12:04? Oh, geez. I’m supposed to be there!” the former Secretary of State says with a note of mild panic.

“I’m having lunch with the President, so I can’t keep him waiting.”

With that, Clinton prepares to depart her stately house off Embassy Row to head to her former home of eight years.

In her wake, bigger questions linger: Is it time for a second President Clinton? Is it time for the country’s first female Chief Executive? Is it time for Hillary?

After 16 months, it seems retirement from public office is already getting old.

She and husband Bill, she says, “totally binge-watched” House of Cards.

“I know that sounds kind of devoid of content,” she chuckles.

And in honor of her late mother, a Dancing with the Stars fan, she caught up on that show too.

She didn’t make time to read Monica Lewinsky’s recent essay (“I’ve moved on”). But she has organized her closets (“very calming”), done water aerobics and yoga (“not as much as I should”) and kept enough of a hand in Washington to justify hanging on to this elegant second home, which she bought when she transitioned from First Lady to U.S. senator in 2000.

“I’m just too active and involved,” says Clinton, now 66.

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