"I thought I'd get there and it'd be like, smoky," resident Christie Adams said, adding, "Our backyard was on fire"

By Tara Fowler
June 30, 2015 08:45 AM
David Ryder/Reuters/Landov

A wildfire in Washington State has burned down nearly 30 homes since Sunday.

Hundreds were forced to evacuate after winds drove the fire into the city of Wenatchee, where temperatures have soared into the triple digits over the past week, ABC News reports.

The blaze ignited Sunday on a remote hillside outside the city, but spread quickly into residential and commercial areas, overwhelming firefighters.

“We’ve got hundreds of homes under evacuation notices,” Rich Magnussen of the Chelan County Emergency Management Office said.

Firefighters ended up going door to door to get residents out of their homes as the fire approached.

Some were allowed to return a day later – but found nothing but a burned-out husk where their homes once stood.

“I thought I’d get there and it’d be like, smoky,” resident Christie Adams said. “Our backyard was on fire.”

“It’s going to be tough to replace,” Tom Bryant, who rushed out of his home at the last minute with his wife, told the Associated Press. “It hurts, but it’s just stuff. It’s painful.”

Rainfall Monday aided firefighting efforts, but a new fire was reported later that evening, 40 miles northeast of Wenatchee.