March 15, 2016 02:00 PM

“I want my children to genuinely understand how magical the world we inhabit is,” photographer Jesse Burke writes, “and how we, as humans, are an integral part of the system. I want them to feel a deep connection to every aspect of their surroundings.”

That was the impetus for Wild and Precious, a five-year series of road trips Burke made with his daughter Clover. The book, and its accompanying film, is a love letter to the natural world and Burke’s daughter: The pair explore landscapes, animals and roadside motels, all with the goal of observing and appreciating the natural world. Each image in the book is titled after a Johnny Cash song – Burke played Cash’s music constantly while on the road with Clover.

Burke teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design, and is a member of Childhood Unplugged, a cooperative group of photographers “who are making a conscious effort to encourage our children to get back to the art of play.”

Wild and Precious is available for purchase here. Browse photographs from the book here.

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