As one of 10 women who were honored as Fun Fearless Females by editors at Cosmopolitan magazine at a Monday luncheon in New York, “Survivor” runner-up Kelly Wiglesworth, 23, admitted to PEOPLE that she couldn’t help but tune into Sunday’s “Survivor: The Australian Outback.” “It was kind of hard to watch because it was like reliving it,” she said. “But it was cool to be on the outside looking in.” There was, for her, some déjà vu to the new show, too. “I knew that they weren’t going to be able to start a fire without matches. It was a cookie-cutter image of our first day experience. Everybody was fighting . . . they had a tough first day out.” She also claims to have sensed that the first one to get the boot would be Debb Eaton, 45, who was, in fact, given the boot. “I haven’t had a strong sense of (the new cast), yet I knew half way during the show that it was going to be Debb.” And how does “Survivor II” stack up to the original? According to Wiglesworth, whose newest venture is a show on the E! Channel called “Celebrity Adventure” (she also pleaded guilty Friday to a misdemeanor of conspiring to commit credit card fraud and will pay $455 in restitution and perform 75 hours of community service as part of a plea bargain): “I think it’s going to be more difficult for them to ignore the cameras and have an organic experience. Now there’s this notion of, ‘Hey, we can be celebrities.’ So I wonder if there will be a little bit of . . . people acting for the cameras. The first one is the first one. The sequel is never as great.”