October 05, 2001 10:00 AM

Kissing Ed Burns and Johnny Depp onscreen is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Namely, Heather Graham, who hits a double header this season. The “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” and “Boogie Nights” actress, 31, already can be seen in “Sidewalks of New York,” opposite her ex-squeeze, Ed Burns, who wrote, directed and co-starred in the flick about love and passion in the big city. On Oct. 19, she can also be seen opposite Johnny Depp, in the movie “From Hell.” She told PEOPLE that working with the heartthrob meant more to her friends than it really did for her. “It’s good to be able to be a leading lady, to be a romantic lead, to play opposite people who are talented, and charismatic and stuff,” she admitted. “But I’m not really looking at it as my personal dating service. So many of my girlfriends are really like asking me a lot of questions (about Depp) because they have huge crushes on him. I had a crush on him when he was in ’21 Jump Street.’ ” As for working with someone she was dating at the time — namely, Burns — Graham said, “We worked together when we were together, and that was kinda fun, being with somebody and working with them, feeling a certain level of comfort knowing that person . . . And, you know, it’s kinda great, you support the person you’re with, what they’re doing, and they support you back.” Even so, if she had it to do all over again, she’s not sure she’d date an actor. (She and hunky Heath Ledger recently broke up after a year together.) “You feel like you’re more under scrutiny,” Graham said. “I think it might be nice to date someone not in the business.”

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