By peoplestaff225
Updated March 06, 2002 01:00 PM

Good news: You can still buy the lacy black bustier that Marilyn Monroe wore when she starred in 1959’s “Some Like It Hot.” The price is slightly more than $12,000, reports Reuters. There are also other items of clothing and jewelry belonging to the late screen icon (1926-62) available at a private sale at London’s Bel Air Gallery that commenced on Wednesday. “She was probably the most famous person of the 20th century,” exhibition director Tony Wynbourne told Reuters. Wynbourne found the bustier in New York, where it belonged to a neighbor of Marilyn’s, who also happened to be the widow of famed matinee idol John Barrymore. The bustier comes with a letter of authenticity from Barrymore. “One of the things that the film company was complaining about,” Wynbourne told Reuters, referring to United Artists and the classic movie comedy’s director and co-writer Billy Wilder, “was that she had put on a bit of weight, so apparently they made her wear this in the film.” The hottest item in the sale, which concludes March 17, is a white cocktail dress made for the star by designer William Travilla for 1954’s “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” “Inside the dress it says ‘M. Monroe, Scene 5’ but in reality they cut that scene from the film,” Wynbourne told the news service. “It’s going for 9,500 pounds ($13,500), but had it been in the film it would be going for silly money.” His own favorite piece is a pair of sunglasses, tagged for sale at 5,000 pounds — or about $7,100. No word on how much Wynbourne had paid for them.