By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated July 09, 2003 11:12 AM

On Monday night’s finale of NBC’s “For Love or Money,” former software sales manager Erin Brodie turned down Rob Campos for a $1 million check, telling him, “You are an incredible person. Rob, I am sorry, I still don’t know if I made the right decision.”

Then, in the show’s closing minutes, it was revealed that Brodie, 31, has forfeited her $1 million check in order to try for love on “For Love or Money 2” — to the tune of $2 million, if she can convince the last of 15 men to pick her over the cash.

Why the second try? “I tend to think when you look for love, you rarely find it,” Brodie tells PEOPLE. “I did the first show for the experience of it all. But the experiences I’ve had on both shows have been tremendous for me, and you can’t put a price tag on experience.”

Did Brodie know beforehand she was going to choose money over love? “I didn’t know my strategy before that point when they told us that we would have to choose between Rob or the $1 million,” she says.

“My strategy was to be myself. … I had to be true to my heart. It would have been wrong to pick him and have it not work out.”

But did Campos’s final words sway her at all in her choice? Says Brodie: “For him to compare me to (his mom) was a big compliment because I know how close he is to her. I was like, please don’t compare me to her yet!”

Per show rules, Brodie has not spoken to Campos since the finale to the first show aired. She does not regret liking the man, though, even after revelations of Campos’s less than sterling past surfaced during the first show’s run. (Campos lost his job in a Dallas law firm after reports surfaced that he had been expelled from a military program in 1999 for drunkenly groping a female officer. Campos said in a “Today” show interview after his firing that he had put that incident behind him.)

“I don’t think it made me feel better or worse about not choosing him,” Brodie says now about the revelations. “But I wasn’t terribly shocked.”