I mean, have you seen her in red lipstick?

By Maria Yagoda
Updated January 07, 2016 11:35 AM
Credit: Getty; Everett

Emma Stone is reportedly in talks to play the devilishly chic Disney villain Cruella de Vil in an upcoming origin story, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The live-action movie reimagines the 101 Dalmatians character and dives into her complicated back story, much like the film Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie. Glenn Close played Cruella in the 1996 live-action reboot, and we think Stone is the perfect choice for this villain-focused version.

Here are five reasons – of thousands – why Stone was born for the role of Cruella de Vil.

1. She has the cheekbones for it.

Both Cruella and Stone have gorgeously defined cheekbones.

2. She can rock a red lip.

Let’s be honest: Half of this role is wearing red lipstick.

3. She has the droll, perfectly deadpan sense of humor.

Stone can also work RBF in the best way possible.

4. Girl has the acting chops.

We can’t see Stone as evil – she typically plays the smart, sassy-but-good-hearted type – but we know she has the acting chops to play an entirely different kind of character. Even a puppy killer.

5. She has all the attitude.

We can totally imagine Stone delivering this classic, sassy Cruella de Vil line: “We lose more women to marriage than war, famine and disease.”

In conclusion: Please, please, please let this happen. Please.