Why Candace Cameron Bure Stands By Her 5-Day Cleanse

The Full House actress explained the health concerns behind about her eating plan on Facebook

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Candace Cameron Bure is calling out critics of her dietary cleanse – and revealed that the program is part of her recovery after suffering from health problems.

The Full House star first announced her eating plan Monday with a Facebook post, writing, “After a very indulgent week in Napa, I’m excited to kick off my 5 day cleanse with @eatpaleta today!! Shakes for breakfast & lunch, sensible snacks & a light veggie dinner.”

But many users shot back with comments like “Girl, you need to eat real food,” “Are you trying to disappear,” “Poor girl, get a steak dinner” and “Don’t be obsessive about food and weight, it’s not attractive.”

The backlash hit hard for Cameron Bure, 38, who has been open about her struggle with bulimia after marrying hockey pro Valeri Bure.

When the online argument escalated – the post currently has more than 7,000 likes and nearly 300 comments – the actress took to Facebook again to defend her dietary decision.

“After reading your comments, let me explain! I’m excited to start my 5 day cleanse not to lose weight but to get my body back on track, ridding all the toxins and unhealthy stuff I’ve put in it the last few months. Since being off Dancing with the Stars, my body has struggled to find its balance after having danced up to 8 hours a day and eating so clean,” wrote Cameron Bure, who finished third on the reality competition.

“After going back to my normal eating habits as well as extended over indulgent summertime vacation eating and normal exercise routine, my body has endured some confusion causing some minor health issues,” she continued. “That is private, so I will not [be] going into detail, but this cleanse is just a step to getting it back on track because I know that food is a key source to healthy living.”

Paleta ships “clean,” unprocessed meals and shakes to customers, who can choose between five-, 10- and 14-day cleanses. The foods can lead to weight loss, better mood and higher energy, according to Paleta’s website. A five-day cleanse costs from $139 to $345.

Cameron Bure’s second post earned more than 15,000 likes, and her fans have rallied around her with support.

“Thank you for explaining, but you don’t owe people an explanation,” a comment with more than 1,000 likes reads. “Be who you & who your Creator made you to be. People need to get off your case.”

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