Whoopi Goldberg wants to do a morning TV show. She’ll settle for being a substitute host. She’ll even settle for the No. 3 show. The actress and “Hollywood Squares” center square told “The Early Show” host Bryant Gumbel on Wednesday that she’d happily fill in for his partner, Jane Clayson, the next time Jane goes on vacation. Word then quickly came back from the third-rated CBS show that it would be happy to have her. “I was disappointed I didn’t get the job as your co-anchor, but I like her,” Goldberg told Gumbel. She said she auditioned for Clayson’s job, but, glibly referring to the issue of race, “(CBS) didn’t want to be too dark in the morning.” When Whoopi volunteered to sit in for Clayson, Gumbel shot back, “Are you serious?” Replied Goldberg, “Like a heart attack.”