Whoopi Goldberg Sends Love to Patrick Swayze

The View host wants her Ghost costar "to feel better"

(Video courtesy ABC)

Whoopi Goldberg sent her special love to her Ghost costar Patrick Swayze on Thursday’s The View.

Noting the serious news that broke Wednesday about the 55-year-old actor’s having pancreatic cancer, Goldberg referred to Swayze as “a man I adore” and called him “my friend.”

“I have not spoken to him,” said Goldberg, who then read the statement from Swayze’s physician, Dr. George Fisher, who said, in part, “All of the reports stating the time frame of his prognosis and his physical side effects are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic.”

Barbara Walters also spoke about the Dirty Dancing star, saying affectionately, “I did a special with him. We danced.”

But it was Goldberg, 52, who had the stories to share. “When I won my Academy Award,” she said, “the only person I really thanked was Patrick because [of how] he said, ‘I’m not making this movie unless you put Whoopi Goldberg in it.’ ”

Admitting there was initial resistence in some quarters to her being cast in the role, “He knew I was right for this part,” said Goldberg, also explaining that, before that time, she and Swayze had never met.

During a commercial break for The View, Goldberg told audience members that as far as the news about Swayze’s condition was concerned, “I don’t like the way that it came out. That’s what’s so terrible for me, because maybe he wasn’t ready to talk about it.”

Back on camera, Goldberg, looking straight forward, said, “Baby, as always we want you to know, we want you to feel better. We’ll talk soon, I hope.”

And she blew him a kiss.


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