Who Wants to Be Buried

Those who don’t want to be a millionaire on TV can face another option: go underground for MTV. The music cable network on Tuesday started a search for six people to occupy MTV.com’s Bunker, a cavernous Y2K-proof human-capsule planted deep in the bowels of New York’s Times Square. “Six people will live in total isolation from Dec. 26 until New Years Day, 2000, and have their every move broadcast over MTV.com,” said the network. “When they emerge, in the event that the rest of the population has been wiped out in a millennial apocalypse, they will serve the planet as modern-day Adams and Eves. If not, they’ll just wander home and maybe visit a suntan parlor.” Votes for who gets to go underground may be cast at MTV.com. Please do not contact PEOPLE Online.

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