A sports reporter and beauty queen, Candice Crawford is also Gossip Girl star Chace's sister

By Dahvi Shira
Updated December 18, 2010 10:05 AM
Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Talk about a touchdown for Tony Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback landed quite the catch with new fiancée Candice Crawford.

Aside from her famous brother – Gossip Girl actor Chace – Candice holds her own.

The Texas native, 24, a Miss USA pageant alum, who is now employed at KDAF Dallas-Fort Worth, worked her way up the career ladder in college when she attended the University of Missouri.

While studying journalism and business, Crawford worked with the local NBC affiliate KOMU-TV as a reporter, and for the Dallas CBS affiliate KTVT, covering the Dallas Cowboys on The Blitz.

She also volunteered to write for the sports blog Midwest Sports Fans. When she wasn’t busy working and studying, Crawford actively participated in her sorority Pi Beta Phi.

Crawford, who has maintained a relatively low profile while dating Romo, is no stranger to celebrities, with ties to Carrie Underwood.

After dating Romo briefly in 2007, telling Esquire he is “a guy that did me wrong,” Underwood went on to date Crawford’s brother Chace, telling Extra, “we broke up over text.”

In addition to Underwood, Crawford did some bonding with Kim Kardashian in August. While Kardashian briefly dated fellow Cowboy Miles Austin, she and Crawford sat together in the stands while keeping their eyes on their men during the team’s training camp.