Who Gave Jenny McCarthy Her Midnight Kiss?

The "mystery man" who swooped in to smooch McCarthy isn't that mysterious after all

Photo: Roger Wong/INF

Jenny McCarthy made much of her new year’s wish this year to have someone to smooch at midnight – and she got what she wanted from a mysterious man who swooped in to lock lips with her in the first moments of 2011.

The New Year’s Rockin’ Eve co-host spent the evening surrounded by sexy military men – but it wasn’t a Marine who did the kissing duty.

McCarthy, 38, feigned shock, saying that a “totally hot guy,” who she thought was from Boston, kissed her but that she, unfortunately, didn’t get his phone number.

Turns out it the “mystery man” was none other than McCarthy’s new beau entertainment-sports attorney Paul Krepelka.

The pair, who recently started dating, have been on a couple of dates, a source told PEOPLE.

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