The actress, 38, shows off all her moves in the upcoming comedy, Cuban Fever
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The Parks and Recreation star, who is superstitious and loves swimming with dolphins, chatted with PEOPLE this week about “one last thing” …

Last thing I lost
A really pretty necklace at the airport. I have a weird superstition about jewelry: If it falls off, it’s meant to fall off. It’s some sort of symbol for moving on, so I didn’t go back and try to find it. You kind of have to let go.

Last time I cringed
The Bachelor season finale. He seems really phony, and I felt badly for those girls because when you’re on a beautiful island and you’re being sweet-talked and the ocean’s right there, you’re going to believe anything.

Last celeb crush
There are so many! I’m going to go with Mark Ruffalo; he’s kind of my all-time. He’s such a good actor, and he’s very vulnerable but manages to still be sexy, which is hard for a man.

Last adventure
I went to Belize in October with Oceana, which is a marine life preservation organization. I swam with sharks and sea turtles and eels and dolphins and all types of marine life. It was pretty cool.