Whitney's Latest Bombshell

Whitney Houston just can’t stay out of the news. The pop diva, who was removed (either forcibly or voluntarily, depending upon who you believe) from a musical segment at Sunday night’s Oscars, now has tongues wagging over remarks she makes in a cover story for the May issue of Jane magazine. Houston told interviewer Tony Romando that she has spent time with a drug addict and with Presidents, and the experience is “just the same.” “The President gets off on the country,” she said. “The junkie gets off on a couple of hits. They’re the same, both cut from the same cloth, they’re both men, dig?” Romando also details in his story how Houston showed up four hours late for a photo shoot. “Her reason: She had a cracked tooth and had to go to the dentist.” Once she arrived, says Romando, quoting sources who were at the session, “she was extremely unfocused, had trouble keeping her eyes open, and kept singing and playing an imaginary piano . . . I guess laughing gas can do that for you.”

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