The reality star blames the "rough and tumble of the ocean" for her revealing bikini malfunction

By Mike Fleeman
Updated January 13, 2009 03:10 PM
Credit: National Photo Group

During a recent trip to the beach in Miami, things got a little too real for reality star Whitney Port – and now it’s all over the Internet, much to her chagrin.

A photographer captured the 23-year-old The City star adjusting her bikini top, producing a series of images that Port acknowledges “weren’t the most discreet.” (Here’s a less-revealing photo from the set)

“I’m sorry if they offended anyone,” she writes on her blog, “but I got too caught up in the sunshine and the weather that I guess I wasn’t as cautious as I should have been.”

She explains: “Everyone knows the rough and tumble of the ocean mixed with a bathing suit – not the most attractive thing ever! So sorry for the view … very embarrassing to say the least!”

But Port is taking it in stride.

“I guess all I can do now is laugh about it and move on!” she says.