Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo
January 29, 2011 10:30 AM

Whitney Port has typically kept her personal life out of the spotlight – but the former City and Hills starlet can’t hold back when it comes to gushing about Ben Nemtin, her Buried Life beau of almost a year.

“I think he embodies all of the qualities of the perfect boyfriend,” Port, 25, told PEOPLE Thursday night at a PEOPLE StyleWatch party at Decades boutique in L.A.

“I think we’re just really open and honest with each other,” says the reality starlet, clothing designer and Genuine Ken host. “We tell each other everything that goes on and everything that we’re feeling everyday, and we’re just really there for each other.”

Above all else, Port believes the best part about her fellow MTV reality star is how much he listens.

“I think trust is super important for a boyfriend,” she says. “I think some of my previous relationships were probably less mature. Guys grow up a lot slower than [women] do. I’ll just put it that way.”

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