The singer opens up in an InStyle cover story about her relationship with Bobbi Kristina

By Suzanne Zuckerman
December 15, 2009 07:20 PM
Courtesy InStyle

It’s not easy raising a 16-year-old daughter, says Whitney Houston. But no matter what – even if Bobbi Kristina is borrowing her mother’s clothes and not returning them – Houston assures she’ll always be by her daughter’s side.

“If she’s angry, I allow her to say, ‘Damn! I’m so frustrated today!’ ” Houston tells InStyle‘s January issue in a cover story. “We have our moments when we clash, but we have a good relationship. I want her to count on me to try to understand what she s going through. No damnation, no condemnation, nothing that’s going to make her feel like she can t come to me.”

It’s the same unconditional love Bobbi Kristina, or Krissy as her mother calls her, showed Houston during her divorce from Krissy’s father, Bobby Brown. Houston says it was Krissy who told her it was “not all right” for Brown to spit on Houston.

With Houston’s return to music, mother and daughter may hit the road together to promote Houston’s album I Look to You, which has sold 831,000 copies in the U.S. since its August release.

And after so much darkness, the 46-year-old diva is once again embracing the lighter struggles. “[Krissy s] always, always, always borrowing my clothes, she says. “I’m cool with it, but she ll take something and won t give it back!

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