Whitney Fan Barred

Speaking of Whitney Houston, a New Jersey judged has issued a temporary restraining order preventing a New York City fan from contacting the singer. Desiree D. Weeks, 36, was accused of claiming that Houston is her “supernatural reincarnated mother” and of sending Houston gifts that include a four-tiered Valentine cake, a bra and underwear. Houston, who lives about 35 miles outside Manhattan in the New Jersey town of Mendham, filed a lawsuit against Weeks, who allegedly began sending rambling letters to Houston’s management company last August. “Every chance I get I make it known I belong to Queen Whitney Houston,” Weeks, who reportedly has referred to Houston as “Mommy,” wrote in one letter. She also referred to Houston’s 7-year-old daughter as her “little sister” and Houston’s mother as “Nana,” according to Houston’s lawyer. The return addresses on Weeks’s letters were varied, the attorney added. One, he said, was the Bronx Psychiatric Center.

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