Whither Lopez and Combs?

The lingering question about the Jennifer Lopez Sean “Puffy” Combs relationship is: Where is it? The star couple appeared to be drifting apart before the holidays, but all that changed in the aftermath of the Dec. 27 New York club incident that now has Combs indicted on charges of possessing stolen weapons. (Three people were shot allegedly by someone in Combs’s party at Times Square’s Club NY, and when police followed Combs and Lopez in their sport utility vehicle after the shooting, they discovered two guns.) For Christmas, Combs reportedly outfitted the singer-actress in expensive white fur in an effort to hold onto her. Lopez was said to be backing out of the relationship, a source told New York’s Daily News, but now feels a sense to stand by him. Lawyers are said to have told the couple to stay out of the limelight, however, as Lopez is expected to have to testify on the rap mogul’s behalf when his case comes to trial.

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