"We're sick of it," Tareq Salahi says of what he calls the erroneous reports they went to a Washington function uninvited

By Mark Gray
Updated January 19, 2010 04:50 PM
Credit: Chris Weeks/WireImage

They pleaded for Haiti, but felt some hate.

Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who became known for allegedly crashing a state dinner at the White House, hosted a weekend party at Las Vegas s Pure Nightclub, where they announced they weren’t taking an appearance fee and urged people to help the “poor Haitian children.”

The crowd’s response: a smattering of cheers and a lot of jeers.

The Salahis were left defending themselves, once again, this time at their own party. They’ve insisted that they were invited to the White House function that they are alleged to have crashed last November.

We re sick of it, Tareq Salahi told Vegas Confidential of their reputation as party crashers. We were invited to the White House and that will come out. There’s a reason why the White House isn’t pushing the story. There’s your big story.

The Salahis have been summoned to appear before the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday about the incident.