Which 'View' Co-Host Does Candace Cameron Bure Want to See Her Husband Make Out with?

"That, I want to see it!" Bure said


Who says three’s a crowd?

Certainly not Candace Cameron Bure and her husband, former NHL player Valeri Bure, who jokingly revealed he’d like to make out with The View‘s Joy Behar – a sight his wife would like to see! (Cameron Bure, who has her own love triangle on the first season of Fuller House, certainly does her fair share of kissing onscreen!)

“Make out with somebody! Make out with Joy or somebody!” Val told PEOPLE Now‘s Jeremy Parsons when he asked Bure what she would like to see her husband rant about on daytime talk show. “Listen, she’s making out with the guys, why can’t I make out with some good-looking girls.”

Far from being upset about Val’s quip, the Fuller House star laughed along with her husband adding, “That, I want to see it!”

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