Russell Brand is taking lessons – but find out who else isn't comfortable behind the wheel

By Alla Byrne
Updated December 04, 2010 11:30 AM
Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage; Jonathan Short/LFI

Having a chauffeur is a perk many celebs enjoy – and some have no choice.

Russell Brand felt bad that his wife Katy Perry had to drive him around, so he recently started taking driving lessons. And it turns out the funny Brit, 35, is in good company.

Here are a few other stars who got their driver’s licenses late in life – or simply don’t drive at all:

• Carey Mulligan, 25, never wanted to drive, but had to learn for her recent movie, Never Let Me Go. “I always thought I’d crash,” Mulligan told PEOPLE at the Toronto International Film Festival. “I worked with a driver during awards season and he used to give me lessons on the side so that’s how I got it together.”

Daniel Radcliffe, 21, who just learned to drive last year, was so determined to get his license that he opted to take lessons in the quiet English countryside instead of the congested streets of London.

• Fellow Brit Robert Pattinson confessed he doesn’t exactly know his way around a car to Ellen DeGeneres. “I don’t actually know how to drive. It’s absolutely terrifying,” he told the talk show host while admitting he does drive himself around L.A. “I don’t know how to use the little wipey thing on the windscreen, so I couldn’t see out of the windscreen.”

• Earlier this year, singer Amy Winehouse, 27, declared that she wanted driving lessons on her Twitter account.

Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser, 31, takes two buses or the L.A. Metro to the set of his Emmy winning AMC show. “Instead of driving and being stressed out about traffic, you can work your scene, you can do your exercises or whatever on the bus,” Kartheiser told The New York Times recently.

• British comic Ricky Gervais, 49, needs to find new ways to spend his fortune since he doesn’t have a license. “I don’t drive so I haven’t bought a flash car,” he has said.