The golfer (and birthday boy) has gone from being perhaps the most visible man in sports to being invisible

By Michael Y. Park
December 30, 2009 02:35 PM
Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News Online

It seemed like just last week it was impossible not to see Tiger Woods’s face plastered seemingly everywhere you looked. But now?

Where in the world is Tiger Woods?

Sources had previously said that Woods, 33, was going to cruise the waters off the Bahamas on his $20 million yacht Privacy with friends during the holidays, but the yacht has reportedly been docked in northern Palm Beach County, Fla. Woods, who turns 34 Wednesday, has suddenly gone from being perhaps the most visible name in the sports world to being, well, invisible.

The last time anyone can be 100-percent sure the mythical Tiger-bird was spotted was when paramedics treated him for his now-historic Thanksgiving-night car crash, over a month ago. And that, of course, was the beginning of the scandal that has the world so interested.

There’s little question where two of the other women in Tiger’s life are: Wife Elin Nordegren is holed up in her native Sweden with their kids for the holiday season, while one of his rumored mistresses, Rachel Uchitel, has been partying quite publicly in the state Woods and his family call home, Florida.

One place we won’t expect to see the record-breaking golfer anytime soon: the links.