Appealing to young voters isn’t an easy task.

And to do so, many presidential candidates are hoping to up their “cool factor” on the campaign trail.

How so? With “hip” dance moves, admissions of marijuana smoking and cooking bacon with a gun (yep, that last one is real).

Here are a few 2016 presidential candidates who have attempted to demonstrate how “on fleek” they are – and how they got to that point.

1. Hillary Clinton: Makes fun of herself

On a surprise SNL appearance, Clinton played a bartender named Val, taking shots and cracking jokes about one Hillary Clinton. (Whether she would do this IRL – or knows what “IRL” means – remains to be seen.)

2. Donald Trump: Proves he has real hair

Trump has invited random people to touch his hair. If that’s not chill, we don’t know what is.

3. Lindsey Graham: Parties
At the Republican presidential primary debate in September, Graham wanted to convey a very simple idea: that he works hard but parties harder. Here’s an actual thing he said: “That’s the first thing I’m going to do as president: We’re gonna drink more.”

4. Jeb Bush: Confesses to smoking weed
He smoked weed one time and he loves his mom – pretty much the coolest combination. “Forty years ago, I smoked marijuana, and I admit it,” Bush said at a debate. Afterward, he made fun of his reveal on Twitter.

5. Ted Cruz: Does Princess Bride impressions

It seems Cruz has passions outside of politics, including the cult classic film The Princess Bride, from which he can recite lines, complete with accents, by heart. Impressive.

6. Martin O’Malley: Plays the guitar

Katy Perry, I’m told, is doing a benefit concert for one of my opponents in Iowa. So in response, I thought I would offer this up for Taylor Swift,” the former Maryland governor told the ladies of The View before launching into his rendition of “Bad Blood.” Not a bad idea: Millennials – and millennial voters – do love T.Swift.

7. Bernie Sanders: Reads poetry

Alright, so this clip isn’t from the 2016 election season, but it’s too good not to include. Back in 1985, when Sanders was running for reelection for mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he recited all of Dylan Thomas’ famed poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” – that’s a full 50 minutes. You can’t say the man isn’t dedicated.

8. Jeb Bush: Doles out chest bumps

Forget about your old-fashioned handshake: newfound Jeb! supporters are in for a special treat – a chest bump from the candidate himself.

9. Hillary Clinton: Does the Nae Nae

If Clinton wins the White House, here’s one thing everyone will be watching at the inaugural ball: Madam President whipping and nae-nae-ing with the best of them.

10. Ted Cruz: Makes bacon with a gun

Who doesn’t love bacon? Cruz definitely does, and he loves it the Texas way: When it’s cooked by gunfire, of course! Don’t try this one at home, kids.