The Counting Crows frontman, having dated a string of beauties, is now linked to Emmy Rossum
Credit: Ramey

John Mayer‘s high-profile relationships with Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly and Jennifer Love Hewitt may have grabbed headlines, but there’s another serial celeb dater who’s been a bit more under the radar – until now.

Adam Duritz, the Counting Crows frontman famous for both his dreadlocks and dating record, is back in the spotlight with new gal pal Emmy Rossum, who split with her husband Justin Siegel in August and is the latest actress to be romantically linked with Duritz.

The singer-songwriter-producer, 45, got cozy with Mary Louise Parker in the ’90s – they remain good friends and even attended the Tony Awards together in 2008 – before dating not one but two Friends stars.

After Courteney Cox Arquette, whom he met while filming the music video for his song “A Long December” in 1997, Duritz reportedly moved on to Aniston, though he’s said in interviews that the relationship wasn’t serious.

“[My love life] is a disaster. The road really screwed up a couple of things,” he told PEOPLE in January 2005 about balancing his music career and girlfriends. “I really don’t know. I haven’t figured [love] all out yet.”

So, why all the actresses?

[They] have a similar kind of lifestyle,” he told British magazine Q in June 1999, adding that he “never got to date the cheerleaders” in school. “Also they’re often independent, driven and, very, very attractive. Being with certain people, even if it brings all this unwanted attention is … just worth all the weirdness in the world.”

‘Honest and Forthcoming’

As for his appeal, “I’m honest and forthcoming,” he told Blender in March 2008. “I’m an earnest guy. If you want irony or sarcasm, it’s not really what you get from me.”

Duritz acknowledges his relationships draw media attention but for all the wrong reasons.

“[In the tabloids] it’s always set up as ‘How does that fat f— get all these women?’ ” he told Rolling Stone in April 2008.

But for now, the singer seems to be enjoying his time with Rossum. The two have been spotted on both coasts, having lunch in Beverly Hills Sept. 24 – two weeks after a dinner date at Dos Caminos in New York City, where they were “extremely affectionate with each other,” according to one source. “They were sitting side by side, and kissing throughout dinner.”