Harry's older brother is set to serve on a warship in potentially dangerous waters
Credit: Sgt Gary Tyson/Ministry of Defence/AP

After his brother Prince Harry‘s tour of duty, Prince William could also find himself in harm s way.

William is scheduled to serve on a warship – either a frigate or destroyer – during an upcoming tour with the Royal Navy, a spokesman confirms to PEOPLE.

That deployment could be in any of several trouble spots in the world.

William is currently learning to fly during his four-month period with the Royal Air Force. Next up is the Royal Navy, in which he could tour a conflict zone during his time as a naval officer this summer.

If he does see action, he would follow his grandfather Prince Philip, who fought in the World War II. His uncle Prince Andrew saw active service in the Falklands Islands war with Argentina in the 1980s.

Harry, 23, has hinted that William, 25, would be jealous of him as he has been able to serve in Afghanistan. But family friends have told PEOPLE that William has been pushing for as active a role as possible during his short military career.

In a statement, a Royal Navy spokesman says, “It’s our intention to give Prince William as full a taste of life in the Royal Navy as possible, which may include time on board a warship. It’s the Ministry of Defence policy not to discuss details of any individual’s deployment or service.”