What's Hot, What's Not

A new poll of teen girls ranks Ryan Phillippe as the most desirable of all movie actors, followed by Ben Affleck. The coolest movie actresses are Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Will Smith finished one-two in the “most talented” division. Also, if you ask YM magazine readers: brunette is hotter than blond, lip gloss is hotter than lipstick and long hair is hotter than short. Hillary Clinton is cool, as are believing in God and being close to your parents. Al Gore isn’t cool. Neither is owning a gun, smoking or dieting. The best jobs: actor, DJ, VJ, musician, veterinarian/doctor and photographer. The geeky gigs are stockbroker, investment banker, computer programmer, engineer, member of Congress and President.

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